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Those of us who fly, either professionally or as a hobby, can often trace our love of aviation — our passion — to a childhood flight experience. That’s the essence of 

EAA’s Young Eagles program. 

Since 1992, the Young Eagles program has flown more than 2.2 million young people ages 8-17. It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation. These flights are offered free of charge and made possible through EAA’s dedicated network of volunteer pilots and ground volunteers.

Total Young Eagles flown

2.2 Million


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Hal Bryan

“Every Young Eagles flight, especially those with a first timer, completely reinvigorates me as a pilot; it’s a beaming and giggling reminder of exactly what drew me to flying in the first place.”

Fred Stadler

EAA Lifetime 37882 

“As pilots, we will never have the chance to relive the exhilaration of our own first flight experiences. But the closest thing is sitting next to a young person when they look down at their world and see it differently for the first time.”

What Our Pilots Say…

Michael Wolf

EAA Lifetime 460022

“A lot of pilots had a friend or relative who guided them down the pathway into aviation. Many of the Young Eagles and their parents don’t have that support and therefore know very little about aviation. Through Young Eagles, I can give them the opportunity to find and successfully navigate that path.”

EAA Lifetime 638979

Charlie Waterhouse

“My Young Eagles flight was incredible! I felt like I was free and away from everything. That was the day I got hooked on aviation.”

Amy White

Private Pilot  

“I remember watching the grass and roads getting smaller and smaller, and I was amazed at the view. I knew nothing about airplanes, but I was hooked at that first instant.”

What the Kids Say…

Kayla Keith

Private Pilot, Instrument Rated

"It was the first time I was in a small airplane and I was surprised that it was completely different from flying in a commercial aircraft. It was amazing and hands-on, and it really got me hooked on flying."

Private Pilot  

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The success of the Young Eagles program depends upon the active involvement of people like you who care about aviation’s future. Together, we can ensure a vibrant and growing aviation community for tomorrow. But it’s only possible with YOUR involvement. Help inspire the next generation of aviators. Now is the time!

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